GETS requires that your password be reset every 60 days. To reset your password, you must log onto the GETS Portal and go to Options. 


NOTE: When logging onto the GETS Portal in your browser, the VPN Desktop Client will be disabled. GETS will only allow one session to be active at the same time.  After changing your password, the new password will need to be entered into the desktop client and re-connected.  


  GETS Options 


For password or username related technical assistance, contact the GETS Service Desk at 1.877.GTA.3233.


To access GETS Resources including Portal XL, download the PulseSecure Desktop VPN Client

Once downloaded, launch the PulseSecure and create a new connection with the information below:

NOTE: The VPN has an auto-timeout feature. If you cannot access resources, check the VPN Client to ensure that the connection is enabled.