Pro Se Self Help

It is always better to be represented by a lawyer with the expertise and training to protect your interests in any legal matter. (If you are in need of legal assistance, please contact the Houston County Bar Association.)

*NOTE: The following is simply a list of the basic requirements for filing a divorce in Georgia. This list is in no way intended to be legal advice or a substitution for legal advice. The documents listed are the minimum requirements for filing a divorce. Each case is different and often additional documents may be required. Please refer to the Official Code of Georgia to ensure that you have included all required documents.

**NOTE: Each document must be completed correctly and thoroughly. Fill out these forms to the best of your ability. Do NOT submit blank forms. Incomplete forms, as well as forms that are improperly filled out, may delay the grant of your divorce. Neither the Court nor any courthouse staff is permitted to provide any assistance to you in completing these documents. If you feel that you need further assistance in completing your divorce, you are strongly encouraged to obtain legal counsel.

***NOTE: The Clerk's office accepts Cash, Money Order or Credit/Debit Card from Pro Se parties.
                   Pro Se Filers need to be at the Clerk’s Office by 4:15.
                   Passport Applicants must be in office by 4:15.

                   Please submit single-sided paperwork. Paperwork printed in 2-sided will NOT be accepted.

Click here to download the current Standing Order: Domestic Relations Actions.


Please follow along with this checklist to make sure you have completed all corresponding forms listed below. A divorce action in Georgia needs to contain the following:

Divorce with No Minor Children

Divorce with Minor Children

* Perfecting Service on the Defendant:

  • If your divorce is contested and you know where the Defendant lives, you will need to call the clerk’s office to have him/her served through the Sheriff’s Office.
  • If you do NOT know where the Defendant lives, you will need to serve him/her by Publication. Complete and attach the Divorce Motion for Publication Form.

** The visitation schedule provided is optional. If you choose to follow the provided visitation schedule, attach it to your settlement agreement. 

Note: "Uncontested" means both parties are in agreement as to ALL matters.

Other Self Help Forms