Criminal Investigation

The Criminal Investigation Division investigates all criminal activity that occurs in the unincorporated areas of Houston County and in incorporated areas when requested by another law enforcement agency or victim.

The Criminal Investigation Division is made up of thirteen Deputies assigned to three units working from offices in Warner Robins and Perry.

General Investigations: responsible for the investigation of personal and property crimes to include burglary, thefts, financial crimes, adult physical and sexual assaults, adult missing persons, domestic violence and homicide.

Crime Scene: responsible for the processing of crime scenes and the collection and storage of evidence and other property.

Narcotics: responsible for the investigation of drug related crimes and activity including the seizure of property and funds used to facilitate or are the profits of drug crimes. The uniformed Interstate Criminal Enforcement unit is assigned to Narcotics.

Our offices are staffed Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with on call Investigators available 24 hours a day.

Houston County Sheriff's Office
Criminal Investigation Division

202 Carl Vinson Parkway
Warner Robins, Ga. 31088
Office: 478-542-2085
Fax: 478-329-9715

Houston County Sheriff's Office
Criminal Investigation Division

201 Perry Parkway
Perry, Ga. 31069
Office: 478-218-4790
Fax: 478-218-4795

24 hour emergency: 478-542-2080