The Houston County Engineering Department is the cornerstone to project development and provides a multitude of services for Houston County. One of the keys to successful project development is pre-planning and coordination and therefore requires the knowledge of many engineering professionals.

The Houston County Engineering Department is comprised of the following individuals and their classification:

  • County Engineer: Ronnie Heald
  • Senior Civil Engineer: Ken Robinson
  • Project Engineer: Van Herrington
  • Civil Engineer: Allen Mason
  • Civil Engineer: Chad Foreman


The Engineering Department also uses contracted personnel to aid in such areas as right-of-way acquisition. In addition, the county regularly uses college interns working on degrees in engineering to assist with various job tasks and projects.


The Engineering Department duties consist of but are not limited to the following:

  • Plan Approval and Inspection for all residential and commercial development
  • Manage Bonds
  • Mange State and Federal permits and regulations to keep County compliant
  • Design transportation, drainage, and utility capital improvement projects
  • Manage transportation, drainage, and utility capital improvement projects
  • Provide crew supervision and support
  • Provide cost estimates to County Commissioners for feasibility analysis for projects
  • Provide recommendation to Houston County Planning & Zoning
  • Manage and resolve complaints from County residents
  • Manage complaint resolutions with Work Orders for maintenance crews
  • Understand and resolve conflicts between developers and property owners
  • Provides utility permitting and installation inspections
  • Storm water management
  • Monitoring traffic volumes, speeds, flows, and patterns

To assist you in residential, commercial or industrial development, we have provided the following regulations, checklists, permits and forms that may be needed in the early stages of plan development. After reviewing any of the information below, feel free to call our office and speak to one of our engineers about questions you may still have.


Development Plan Checklists


  • Residential Subdivision Design Regulations
  • Curb Inlet Regulations

Permits and Forms

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering is a critical and major component of the engineering department. Our foremost concern is the safety of our citizens and visitors to Houston County. In order for this to happen, our department ensures that traffic control devices are in place, functional, and understandable.

Road Signs - We use the latest computer technology and materials to design and create our road signs. By producing our road signs in-house we are able to install new signs or replace damaged and/or missing signs in a timely manner while saving money. If you see any road signs that have been damaged or, are missing, please contact and report it to the Public Works Office.

Did you know that the average cost to replace one 36"X36" Stop Sign is approximately $400.00 

Traffic Counts - Our department investigates traffic problems and complaints in order to make travel as safe and delay free as possible. We use various types of equipment and software to do traffic studies, speed studies as well as traffic counts.

Traffic Signals - Traffic Signals are also a vital function of Traffic Engineering. Houston County does not install or maintain any of the existing traffic signals. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and the City of Warner Robins maintains the traffic signals. A new signal evolves in a similar manner as a road project. Studies of an existing intersection, planning, design, and funding are key components in determining new signal locations.