Superior Court

 JULY 7, 2023





201 North Perry Parkway,
Perry, Georgia 31069

  • Office of Chief Judge Edward D. Lukemire
    • Lisa Hudson
    • Phone: (478) 218-4850
    • Fax: (478) 218-4855
    • Wendy Nelson, Court Reporter: (478) 218-4847
  • Office of Judge Katherine K. Lumsden
  • Office of  Judge G.E. "Bo" Adams
    • Tammie Latimore
    • Phone: (478) 218-4840 
    • Fax: (478) 218-4845
    • Joy Malone, Court Reporter: (478) 218-4843
  • Selena English, Criminal Case Manager (478) 218-4849
  • Savannah Camp, Indigent Defense Coordinator (478) 218-4846
  • Katie Barrs, Accountability Court (478) 218-4864

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The Superior Court of Houston County is a trial court of general jurisdiction.  Its powers and authority are established by the Georgia Constitution and enumerated by specific statutes:

GA CONST. Art. 6, §4, ¶ 1:

The superior courts shall have jurisdiction in all cases, except as otherwise provided in this Constitution. They shall have exclusive jurisdiction over trials in felony cases, except in the case of juvenile offenders as provided by law; in cases respecting title to land; in divorce cases; and in equity cases. The superior courts shall have such appellate jurisdiction, either alone or by circuit or district, as may be provided by law.

GA Code Annot. § 15-6-8:

The superior courts have authority:

  1. To exercise original, exclusive, or concurrent jurisdiction, as the case may be, of all causes, both civil and criminal, granted to them by the Constitution and laws;
  2. To exercise the powers of a court of equity;
  3. To exercise appellate jurisdiction from judgments of the probate or magistrate courts as provided by law;
  4. To exercise a general supervision over all inferior tribunals and to review and correct, in the manner prescribed by law, the judgments of:
    • Magistrates;
    • Municipal courts or councils;
    • Any inferior judicature;
    • Any person exercising judicial powers; and
    • Judges of the probate courts, except in cases touching the probate of wills and the granting of letters of administration, in which a jury must be impaneled;
  5. To punish contempt by fines not exceeding $1,000.00, by imprisonment not exceeding 20 days, or both; and
  6. To exercise such other powers, not contrary to the Constitution, as are or may be given to such courts by law.


Calendar and Scheduling

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Calendar Key


L - Judge Lukemire

K - Judge Lumsden

A - Judge Adams




Note: This Calendar is subject to change. Please contact the assigned judge's assistant to confirm dates.

To schedule a hearing in Superior Court, please call the appropriate contact.

For Criminal Cases, contact Selena English at (478) 218-4849.
For Domestic Rules, contact the Clerks Office, Civil Division at (478) 218-4740.
For all other matters, contact the assigned judges assistant (refer to the calendar key for each specific judge).

  • Judge Lukemire, Lisa Hudson at (478) 218-4850.
  • Judge Lumsden, Angela Anderson at (478) 218-4860.
  • Judge Adams, Tammie Latimore at (478) 218-4840.