Estate Cases


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Probate Cases Ready to Schedule Appointment

Estate Name Estate Number
Ingeborg Arisohn 2024-ES-219
Janet Elaine Bloodworth 2024-ES-47
Frank E. Brady


Kenneth Delaine Bryant 2024-ES-150
Carlton Clarington, Sr. 2024-ES-140
Michael Gregory Clark 2024-ES-50
Lilia E. Cornejo 2022-ES-75
Glenn Harvey Duckworth, Jr. 2024-ES-233
William Frank Ellis 2023-ES-107
Phyllis Ann Filiatreau 2024-ES-164
Donald Lee Hitch, Jr. 2024-ES-194
Isabel Alana Jimenez 2024-GM-6
Jean F. Littles 2024-ES-172
George Franklin Lumpkin 2024-ES-129
Jo Ann Meeks Otto 2024-ES-174
Jason R. Payne 2024-ES-91
Joyce Cooper Rogers 2024-ES-193
Frank J. Rossi 2024-ES-76
Dreama Sayre 2023-ES-512
George L. Snipes 2024-ES-67
Myrtis L. Speaks 2024-ES-168
George Thomas Starr 2024-ES-215
William Gary Talbert, III 2024-ES-208
Lola Evans Toole 2024-ES-94
Geary Lee Ward 2024-ES-160
Nettie Mae Walker Ward 2024-ES-190
John W. Watson 2024-ES-177
Alfred W. White, Jr. 2024-ES-244
Carolyn White 2024-ES-184
Mary H. White 2022-ES-127