Outdoor Warning

The Houston County Outdoor Siren System is made up of 33 Nine Tier Whelen Communications Sirens strategically located across the county. Sirens are placed in areas where citizens are unlikely to hear a warning any other way including parks, schools, or other areas where large numbers of people gather as funds become available. Locations as follows.

  • Shalom Tabernacle - Houston Lake Road/Brookshire Way
  • Northside Elementary - Sullivan Road
  • Ferguson Park - Elberta Road
  • Thompson Middle - Thompson Road
  • Old WRFD - Symes Street
  • Quail Run Elementary - Smithville Church Road
  • Warner Robins Middle - Self Street
  • Crossroads Alternative - Davis Drive
  • WRFD St. 7 - Lake Joy Road
  • Sprucewood - Sprucewood Court to right
  • International City Golf - Sandy Run Lane
  • Statham's Landing - Statham's Way next to maintenance barn
  • Mossy Creek Middle - Danny Carpenter Blvd.
  • Perdue Elementary - Sutherlin Drive
  • Hill Top Elementary - Robert Bryson Smith Pkwy
  • Bonaire Middle - GA Hwy. 96
  • South 41 Circle - GA Hwy 41
  • Langston - 210 Langston Road
  • Matt Arthur - GA Hwy 127
  • Veterans High - Old Perry Road
  • Southfield Plantation - Thomson Mill Road
  • West Perry Parkway - West Perry Parkway South of 341
  • Perry Country Club - Country Club Road in Curve
  • Zaxby's - Sam Nunn Blvd
  • Barbara Calhoun Park - Tucker Road
  • GA National Fair - South Gate
  • Kings Chapel Elem. - Arena Road
  • HCFD Station 4 - GA Hwy 26
  • Elko Water Tank - Railroad Street
  • Grovania Methodist - Grovania Road
  • HCFD Station 3 - US 341
  • Gurr Road - Gurr Road at Bridgeport Lane
  • Flat Creek - US 41 By Cleaning Station

Concept of Operations

Activation Criteria: The decision to activate the outdoor siren warning system is based on a Hazard Specific Plan. The outdoor siren warning system shall be activated if any of the following are met:

  • Tornado Warning Issued for Houston County by the National Weather Service.
  • Tornado sighted by a trained spotter registered through the EMA office.
  • Severe thunderstorm warning for Houston County with winds forecast to be >70 MPH, if under a tornado watch.
  • As per instructed by HEMA officers on duty. Examples include, but are not limited to, Chemical Spills, Transportation Emergencies, Jail Breaks, etc.

System Maintenance

  • Daily System Status: The outdoor siren system is monitored around the clock to ensure system status. At 0300 daily each site is polled and a systems status check is completed and a report is documented on the system display screen. The status of the system is documented on the EOC Daily Critical Systems Checklist form.
  • The system shall have a full audio test the third Saturday of each month at twelve noon. If the weather is inclement during the scheduled test, the test will be postponed until the following Saturday.